Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Breaking Photographic Rules..?

In photography there are many rules. In fact some frustrated creatives have been heard to argue that there are too many rules. Others counter that argument by stating the rules have evolved over a huge expanse of time and anyway who are you to question the rules?

There are many rules. Rules such as:

1/. Don't photograph into the sun.
2/. Don't use direct flash.
3/. Don't put people central in a frame.
4/. Don't shoot people from below.

The truth about rules, like so many other things in life, is somewhere in between. If you don't know the rules or if you dismiss them out of hand without understanding their purposes and limitations, then you may well fail to realise your creative potential. You just won't have the right creative tools to make good choices to reach your full potential.

However if you let the rules bind you rigidly without thinking for yourself, without allowing your own creative style to develop, then you'll forever be a pale imitation of someone elses ideas.


eolake said...

You said it, dudeski.

Dale said...

That was very well put. It's hard to break the rules if you don't know them. does this mean that the untrained amature photographer has a decent chance of making a living if he is doing what he loves to do?

Dale Herbert

David Toyne said...

I think the untrained amateur can accomplish as much as anyone providing they put in the work. I think it's very important that they work to develope their own eye and not to be a pale imitation of someone else.

Chris Shepherd said...

In life and photography I have found that rulebooks should be printed in paperback - that way at least they are flexible :)

Rules for art - a strange concept indeed.

David Toyne said...

Rules for art...

You're not wrong.