Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Interview With Hellen Van Meene

New Work Book Cover - Image © Hellen van MeeneI'm a few days off publication of my latest interview with a profesional photographer. In this case it is with renowned Dutch photographer Hellen Van Meene. I'm just editing the final draft of the article and have to say I'm very excited about how it's shaping up. She's a fascinating and articulate person who's views on her work are extremely interesting. The interview will appear on very shortly. I'll post an update informing you when the article goes live. The image on the left is the cover to her book 'New Work' which I'd recommend both for the themes it contains, the quality of the images and as a masterclass in the use of natural light.

In the meantime if you haven't already you could check out my previous two interviews on

Jonathan Taylor - A Photo-journalist based in Asia talks about his work and how to keep your cool and produce good documentary photography work while dining with a contract killer! A real insight into photo journalism from a very talented photographer.
Andy Rouse - The world renowned wildlife photographer Andy Rouse talks about his new work, photography in Antarctica and his future plans. Worth checking out for his award winning images alone. Add to that he's funny and to the point and you're on to a winner.

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Paul Indigo said...

Hi David, really looking forward to the interview. As you know I've thoroughly enjoyed the others.

Thanks for your recent comments on my blog. Much appreciate your opinion.