Friday, 29 December 2006


Please allow me to introduce myself
(a man of no wealth and dubious taste...)

I thought it was time I put myself out in the 'virtual' world such as it is. I have to confess I use blogs, from time to time, but just like Bill Clinton I've never inhaled. I thought it was time to just breath in and make a blog of my own.

So here I am, deeply cynical and as mad as Morrissey at a fox hunt. As this was a bit of an impulse and the ideas still half baked, only time will tell what I do with the blog. I can only assume it will contain the my musings on photography and the arts along with my rage against the general daily ineptitudes we all have to suffer. Sometimes I may even try to be intellectual and meaningful so that should give you a chuckle.

As a last warning take note of the sign. No swimming in the blog. This is for your own protection in case the the subtext pulls you down to my level.

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Anonymous said...

informative, humorous and irreverent